Merit Badge Requirements
Click here for a list of all currently available merit badges and the official requirements.

Troop 439 Merit Badge Counselors

Merit Badge
Bob Walzer Chris Jones David Reis David Wing Ken Matheison Mark Everett Larry Ross Nancy Wing Brian Kenner Stephen Wiegand
Camping             X     X
Citizenship in the Community X              
Citizenship in the Nation                
Citizenship in the World                
Communication             X      
Cooking             X X   X
Family Life     X            X  
First Aid         X          
Personal Fitness       X       X    
Personal Management       X       X    
Cycling    -or-                    
Hiking    -or-       X            
Swimming             X     X
Emergency Preparedness    -or-           X        
Lifesaving             X      
Environmental Science    -or-         X          
Automotive Maintenance X                 X
Aviation                   X
Backpacking       X   X        
Chemistry         X          
Chess     X              
Digital Technology     X            X  
Fire Safety X                  
Fishing         X          
Gardening         X          
Geocaching     X              
Nuclear Science X                  
Pioneering           X        
Programming   X X            X  
Pulp and Paper         X          
Salesmanship           X X      
Scholarship         X          
Search and Rescue                   X
Sports             X      
Truck Transportation                   X
Wilderness Survival           X        
Woodwork X